Alex Calabro opens up to a 2015 Brunello made by Argiano.
With no expectations, he explores the wine and recounts
his experience with the 2014 version which he had back then.

Argiano, an ancient wine producer

Argiano is one of the landmark estates in Montalcino with 125 hectares of hidlic vineyards, olive groves and forests. For 500 years the family has been among the most important in the region. Argiano is also known for their excellent record in producing an impressive collection of wines.
Montalcino has one of the warmest and driest climates in Tuscany. The altitude and the climate of the region has provided an area where Sangiovese grapes ripens fully and consistently than anywhere else in Tuscany, and
that is when they are express best in terms of flavour. These factors contribute to the body, colour and tannins
commonly associated with Brunellos. In contrast to Chianti, the other famous Sangiovese based wine of Tuscany,
Brunello has a more fleshy texture, usually a bigger body with common aromas and flavors of blackberry,
cherry, raspberry, chocolatey, leathery notes and violets. It is a beautiful wine!

My experience with Brunello

I was not particularly impressed with the 2014 Brunello when I tasted the vintage back then. It is not the producer’s
fault as we know the weather was not the best in Europe during that year, however I’m extremely curious
to see how this 2015 Brunello would fare! I know that Argiano is able to deliver a strong Brunello,
many of which have impressed me so far (as much as other 2015 Brunellos have already done).


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